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Summer is here

Adam Kendrew

The warm weather is coming up quick and fast. The long evenings are perfect to treating your car to a bit of TLC. A wash and a wax can go a long way to making your car look just as good as it did when it rolled out of the factory.

With it being the Bank Holiday last weekend, we even decided to give our VW Beetle a brake refresh. This included sanding down the originals and painting them red and the hubs black. Just little things can really make your car stand out (that includes getting rid of small dents too).


So anyway - what are your thoughts on a Summer Pure Dents offer? Let's get them cars looking new and shiny! We'll be announcing the offer come June 1st, so check back for more details.

In the mean time if you're cleaning your car and spot a dent (however big or small) get in touch with us and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction. You'll find me (Adam) behind the emails and Dan our technician behind the phone.