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Adam Kendrew

According to Cancer Research UK, around 1,600 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. Thats around 31 children each week. But there is one key fact...more children than ever are surviving cancer! These children are surviving cancer thanks to the generous donations by people like you. The donations you give stretch far and wide and help make the journey to recover as smooth as possible. 

Just a couple of weeks ago, one of the players of our company sponsored football team, Jack Asquith was told the devastating news that his 14 year old brother George, had been diagnosed with Leukaemia. It really hits home when somebody close to you has to go through something as devastating as this. Thats why we want to do our best to help and are asking for your help too.
Jack and his friends will be shaving their hair to help raise awareness and generate money to donate to the charity Candle Lighters and the ward George will spend his time on for his treatment, L33. You can get involved and donate directly though us by visiting our donation page, where you can donate any amount you feel is possible.

This money stretches a long way and won't only help towards George's recovery, it will also help thousands of Children across Yorkshire and the UK.  We thank you for any support!